Agave ~ Agave ferox


Familie: Agavaceae - Agavengewächse

Herkunft: stammt aus Mexiko

Bodenansprüche: Einheitserde gemischt mit Lehm und Sand

Giessen: nach dem gießen immer wieder antrocknen lassen

Standort: regengeschützer sonniger

Überwinterung: frostfreier, heller Standort, auf Dauer nicht unter 10 Grad

Verwendung: für Balkon, Terrasse

Wuchs: Höhe 150 cm

Dünger normal: wenig düngen


Superb rosette-forming succulent with thick, pointed grey-green leaves viciously edged with hooked spines. Ideal for growing in a cool conservatory or temperate greenhouse where they make fine specimen plants. Towards the end of the plant's life a towering greenish-yellow flower spike of up to 10 metres appears, after which the plant dies, leaving small side-shoots to grow on.Position: full sunSoil: fertile, slightly acidic, sharply drained soil (or cactus compost for containers)Rate of growth: slowFlowering period: July to SeptemberFlower colour: greenish-yellowHardiness: tenderGarden care It is essential to wear robust gloves when handling these plants to prevent a painful injury from the spiny thorns. During the summer water regularly and apply a low-nitrogen fertiliser three or four times. Reduce the frequency of watering in autumn and do not water in winter